Smith Brothers Upholstered Furniture Is Exceptional

Smith Brothers Upholstered Furniture

It’s not every store that is awarded the Smith Brothers line of fine upholstered furniture. We are very pleased to have this line of fine quality upholstered furniture to go with our hand crafted Amish furniture.

Smith Brothers has a great reputation and they ensure that reputation is maintained by selecting only dealers they are convinced will deliver great service to their customers. That includes continuing education and training so we can provide accurate information to help customers select furniture that truly meets their needs.  Dealers must have a great BBB rating with a proven track record for customer service and a “customer first” attitude .

It took nearly a year and a half for Perry’s Gallery to qualify and be selected a Smith Brothers Gallery.  At that time we’d only been around for 4 years, so it took a little while for Smith Brothers to decide we were going to be here for the long haul. . We sure are pleased and proud they did. That was 5 years ago!   We urge you to compare our fine upholstered furniture (with a life time warranty) to any furniture in this area.

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